Tribute Band Fest

Tribute Band Fest

vrijdag 29/10/2021 tot zondag 31/10/2021

Three Days of Music, Drinks and Foodtrucks

VRIJDAG 29/10/2021

18:30 Depeche Mode by Depeche More (BE)
20:15 U2 by Achtung Babies (IT)
22:00 Genesis by Phil (DE)
23:45 Queen by Mother Mercury (BE)
01:00 Afterparty by DJ Medicynvak

ZATERDAG 30/10/2021

18:30 Cher by Chereez (BE)
20:15 Madonna by Mydonna (BE)
22:00 ABBA by Waterloo ’74 (UA)
23:45 Michael Jackson by Christ’OF & LEGACY Live Band (BE)
01:00 Afterparty by DJ Medicynvak

ZONDAG 31/10/2021

18:30 The Scene by The Scene Tribute (NL)
20:15 De Kreuners by ProzaK (BE)
22:00 Clouseau by Vonken&Vuur (BE)
23:45 Borsato by Wit Licht (BE/NL)

Waregem Expo, Zuiderlaan 26, Waregem



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