Dub Revolution ft. Entebbe Sounds ‘Rasta Chanters’ ; Reality Souljah

Dub Revolution ft. Entebbe Sounds ‘Rasta Chanters’ ; Reality Souljah

zaterdag 12/10/2019

To celebrate Gladstone Henderson, aka Father Entebbe, his son Pablo and the entire Entebbe crew are descending upon Cactus Muziekcentrum as part of the next Dub Revolution.

Entebbe Sounds¬†was born in the summer of 1978 in a small school in Hornsey, where they played their very first session. From then on,¬†‚ÄėThe Rasta Chanters‚Äô¬†knew they wanted to spread the¬†roots & culture¬†through their sound. Father Entebbe played alongside world famous sounds like¬†Channel One,¬†Aba Shanti,¬†Jah Shaka,¬†Iration Steppas¬†and many more.

Pablo followed in his father’s footsteps early on, bringing the message of the Rastafari to the world as Reality SoulJah. As a solo producer/singer he works on different projects, one of those being the Reality Sound System record label.

Expect exclusive dub plates looking back on the history of Entebbe Sounds and a selection of roots/steppers from the 80s and 90s.

Let us receive the message of upliftment, love, empowerment and equality with Father Entebbe in our minds!

Cactus Club, Magdalenastraat 27, Brugge




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